All articles are published by myself, if you want to know more about me you can check the about page of my website which will give more explanation about me. Except a few article which my sister may write about finance as I described that she is doing BAF (Bachelor in Accounting and Finance) and readers will be able to distinguish through the meta info of the article whether who wrote the article.

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I keep the user privacy and follow the guidelines of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). You will never feel insecure about your data on this website and we will never spam or sold your data to anyone. We love engaging with our users and would love to get comments, we may ask you for email and name in comment because that’s necessary to identify the user but as mentioned earlier no data will be used for spamming and will be never sold to third party.

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We also have several other ways of getting revenue from this blog such as affiliate links or discount other deals. Some deals will help the users to get some percentage off and they will get legit saving. And if I further add other revenue sources to this blog, I’ll disclose it here.

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I love reading and replying to comments but as we (me and you) see spam in the comment section of other websites. That’s why I moderate every comment for spam protection. So, comments are held for moderation if it doesn’t contain any spam I’ll allow it and reply to it if necessary. Remember hatred, spam, fraud, racist comments will be rejected and the user may get ban from the website. Here’s something which we want you to follow in the comment section.

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Our marketing policy is very simple, we use strategies like email marketing, push-notifications & sometimes adverts. But we will never spam in any sort of marketing.

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This website’s main source of traffic is Google Search and Youtube. We use Search Engine Optimization to let users find our website and the main reason why we use Google Search and Youtube, Is that it doesn’t give us irrelevant traffic. It provide us with the true readers of our articles.

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We may accept guest posts but currently, we do not offer to get content from guests authors.

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