What is TheSheryar.com and Who am I?

TheSheryar.com is a website where Sheryar Khan writes his articles and also provides a portiflio for his clients and I am Sheryar Khan. An expert in WordPress Web Development and Designing. I have serval years of experience in WordPress and I have worked with many different company and helped many small businesses to become huge.

Not only WordPress, my skill set goes through Graphics, Project Management, Networking and Finance. I’m very open to learning new skills and developing better and optimized solutions.

I have great interest with eCommerce, the world’s fastest growing business and I have worked with many eCommerce stores. That’s why I have certificates of Shopify and I have good with Shopify too.

My biggest achievement so far is creating a complete website for Subsidiary of US Nuclear Corp named as WaterMonitorGroup.

Being a web developer programming is something I really enjoy and I have a good command on HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, PHP and C++. I understand the concepts of programming suchs OOP’s, Data Structure, Syntax, Control Structures etc.

I also Blog and create small projects to make them sucessful and I am doing my best so far. Making small projects/businesses needs Digital Marketing so in that case, I have good understand of SEO (Google), Social Media Management, Ads Management etc. In digital marketing, I have made my blogs getting huge traffic upto 300K / month and I have flipped 2 of my websites and made a decent success.

Incase of communication as you can see, I’m communicating with you in English. I have a strong base of English Language and I speak English almost every single day.

Thanks for taking time and reading about me.