My name is Sheryar Khan, I am blogging from a long time. But I have this blog which I didn’t paid much attention before but now I’m looking to post more content and continue to run this blog and my Youtube Channel. I’m currently in High School (12th Grade) and will graduate in few months by March 2020.  I am currently a part-time blogger and will continue blogging. In my personal blog I cover topics like Bitcoin, Pakistan Education, Economy and Business Tips. But I mostly write about Bitcoin and Crypto-currenies but I have one more writer which is my sister she is doing her BAF (Bachelore in Accounting & Finance). So, with professional advice you will see many business tips and investments plans. My future goal is to provide more resources to investors and I would like to promote crypto-currency. As Crypto-Currency is banned in Pakistan, So that’s also a challenge which I have accepted.

My Story

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I was born in Rawalpindi and am currently settled in Mardan. After Completing my 7th Grade from Peshawar Model School, and In 2017 I started to know about Youtube. I learned about Youtube and it’s monetization program at first, then I started creating content, it wasn’t the best content out there but I was getting good views and at that time there was no requirements for it monetization, you just have to create a channel and monetization was enabled within few minutes. But I left Youtube after gaining about 8,000 Subscribers my channel was banned because of copyrights.

I was really interested in TV/Film Industry but after getting my channel banned by Youtube. I learned about Website and Programming and was in LOVE with it! I have a super long story about my Youtube Journey! I’ll sometime explain it in a video.

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I created my first website with Wix without any knowledge of codinge etc. Then I started learning about HTML/CSS but was unable to learn them. And had about 2 years of gap.

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I had a great interest in WordPress, as it was growing and it was so much fun creating good websites and I was able to call my self a FrontEnd Web Developer and Database Manager, which I learned in the 2 years gap from youtube. While when I was in 9th Grade, I though if I want to take WordPress to next level, I have to learn the markup languages (HTML/CSS) and programming languages (PHP/JS). I learned them until I was in 10th and In start of 10th Grade, I started 2 blogs and created an account on rising platform for freelancers known as Fiverr. I hit the JACKPOT when I created my account on fiverr. By the way, I learned everything from Google & Youtube Videos. I was good at researching.

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And My Youtube was then back some copyrights was removed but it took too long and I was not ready to make youtube videos again.

Now let’s talk about things happened within and after 10th grade. So, I was able to earn from Fiverr about 500$+ monthly. But I was stressed as if you are a freelancing you have to give Fiverr alot of time and I was so addicted to it that my education grades were going down. So, I left Fiverr and continued with my blogging journey. And I had 3 blogs at that time, which were then sold to different guys when my 11th Grade started. But Blogging was comfortable and easy and I was able to give time to my other activities.

Now currently (Dec, 2019), I’m running one event blog and I love event blogging. And I am looking to continue with my Programming and get more knowledge about WordPress to create themes and plugins and other quality products for WordPress Community. Here are stats from my event blog!

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That’s all my story 😉 By the way, I’m really good at sports and other co-activities. I also love fitness and I daily walk/run and you should too!

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Note: I may have messed up with dates, but if you found mistake, let me know 🙂 

Now at the end, I want to show some of my skills to you 😉 

My Skills

So, skills are major part of life. It can earn you a company like Amazon, Google, Microsoft etc or a job in these companies. I started my skills journey with Youtube and exploring more and more options, I finalized my skills and worked hard for almost 4-5 years on them to achieve exellence. As as major part, I learned English which makes me communicate with you guys 😛 

Here are my skills, I have verified them on my Fiverr Profile! You can also see my skills test results on my LinkedIn. These tests may be a bit easy for me, but yet they matter!

This image is just a screenshot from fiverr showing my skills.


Who is TheSheryar?

Sheryar Khan, who is a blogger and programmer also known as TheSheryar. He also uploads on Youtube.

What TheSheryar blogs about?

TheSheryar usually blogs about Crypto-currencies and investments ideas. In TheSheryar dot com, you will usually find about Bitcoin and investing in bitcoin.

Where TheSheryar blogs?

TheSheryar blogs at his personal which is and in some other which he has disclosed in about page of his personal website.