In this tutorial, you will be learning how to properly transfer all your CyberPanel accounts and data from one server to another. This tutorial will also cover how to change the DNS and make the website migrated and getting them live to the internet once everything is migration.


This is a rough diagram on how we will do the CyberPanel Migration to Another Server.

We will be transferring our entire server basically.

Warning: Make sure don’t have any other data on your server apart from CyberPanel’s data. Where as in CyberPanel data, it includes all the websites databases and all the website files. So, if you are the one who has only websites and their data on your server, you can continue. For other please backup the extra data.

Let’s start with an introduction, I will first explain what we are going to do.

We will be having our main server and then we will have another server where we will transfer everything.



In case, you find problems or unknown errors. Please make a post on CyberPanel forum. But before that please, make sure you follow the entire tutorial and if you are in middle of something I mean if you are doing it by yourself and stucked, just find the steps where you are stuck and continue from there.

Things We Will Use

In this tutorial, as demo we will be using “” domain as our main domain with “” as our second domain.


Login in to your new Server’s CyberPanel. And under “Back ups” click “Remote Back ups”, then a form will appear with an “IP Address” field and “password” field.

This image shows where to find “Remote Back ups” in CyberPanel v2.0.1


Now, this is the tricky part sharpen your eyes and tools! hehe

And enter the IP address of your Old CyberPanel and by “OLD”, I mean the one which has all the files and websites.

Copy the IP Address from the top-right in your old CyberPanel and paste it in the “Remote Back ups” area.

In this example, my IP address of my old CyberPanel server is “”.

Remember, you have to login with your NEW CYBERPANEL and enter your old CyberPanel details in “Remote Back ups” form.

And don’t worry, we will also take care of “HostName” and all the “SSL” once we migrate the files.


Before, we enter our password and connect to our server, I want to show you this small example above. So, I have 2 websites in which one is sub domain and is used to access the CyberPanel on SSL only.

Now let’s enter our IP and Password of admin user in our new CyberPanel Server.

And then click “Fetch Accounts”, after loading for a while. You will see all the old accounts/domains.

Now, you can just select the domains which you want to import in our case we will only migrate “”.

After selecting your desired domain, click

Transferring Websites from One Server to Another in CyberPanel

NOTE: Enabled API Access on Both CP and With one website setup and dns setup on new website